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Tips_Prima Reset timer

Tips_Prima Reset timer

Reset Replacement Timer

Turn the unit off at the power swich.
To enter the replacement timer set-up, press the left hand touch pad button on the control panel and at the same time turn the power on.












ELGAFILTER0002 CAUTION! Before re-setting any of the cartridge timers, ensure that the appropriate new cartridges have been installed and securely located correctly in the Elga PURELAB

Pre-treatment Cartridge Replacement Timer





Setting this screen will cause the pre-treatment cartridge timer to reset to the preset value of 4380 hours (6 months).
Press ELREPLACE0003 to jump to the next consumable or ELREPLACE0004 to initiate reset.
Press ELREPLACE0003 to reset timer or press ELREPLACE0005 to abort reset.
Press ELREPLACE0003 to jump to the next consumable.

Pre-treatment Cartridge Timer










Identification of Consumables
LC140 Pre-treatment cartridge

Frequency of Consumable Replacement
The following frequency of consumable replacement is recommended as a guide assuming typical usage*:

Pre-treatment - LC140 max 6 months
Reverse Osmosis - LC143 every 2 - 3 years (not an operator replacement item)

These frequencies are only estimates and replacement will depend on the application and feed water quality.

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