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Ultrawave Flushing

Ultrawave Flushing of the UltraWAVE

Flushing of the UltraWAVE

At the end of every working day, the cleaning of the UltraWAVE is required to remove some acid drops that could re-condensate inside the pressure/gas line.

Beside the Maintenance described in the User Manual, Milestone suggests to daily flush the system with Nitrogen (or Argon) gas.

In case the unit will not be used for more than a day, Milestone suggests to run a microwave program with water; this cleaning cycle will remove the acid from the unit and from the high pressure lines.

See as well the chapter “Cleaning before long operational break”.

The below procedure shows how simple is to perform the flushing of the UltraWAVE:

Put the empty PTFE vessel inside the unit. Vessel must be dried very well inside and outside






Close the reactor and the clamps. (See user manual for more details on this operation)







Enter in the system page of the software and press “Pressure release” button, in order to completely open the release valve.






Slowly open the gas regulator valve on cylinder, in order to flush the inert gas inside the unit (set about 5 bar).






Let the nitrogen (or argon) flow into the system, until the pressure reaches a value of 2 - 3 bar.

Hold the flush for 10-15 seconds, then close the pressure regulator.

After this operation, open the reactor and dry the PTFE vessel and cover.

The UltraWAVE equipped with compressor or automatic gas module option doesn’t require the manual flushing, since it’s automatically done by the software after each digestion program.

Contact your local distributor to get additional information on these accessories.


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